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Our Brazil Facility Invests in the Community

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Every year, our Manaus facility is required to invest R&D funds to help push technology and innovation locally. This year, we partnered with a local organization, FPF Tech, to open a Computer Training Informatics (CTI) center in Manaus' New Israel neighborhood. Containing 15 computers and printers, CTI provides free job training for people with low income and social vulnerability.

Since the grand opening in June, over 250 students have graduated—already exceeding the 2014 goal! A huge success! We thank our Brazil team for their focus on giving back while manufacturing power solutions for the world's largest OEMs and contract manufacturers.

"By supporting the training center, we favor education and training as being pillars for people’s future success. It enhances the positive relationship we have with our neighbors and employees, as they too will be able to enjoy the courses offered.” –Bob Murayama, Director, Brazil Operations





































Manaus to Host 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This is an exciting time for our Palladium family in Brazil as they prepare to kick-off and host the 2014 FIFA World Cup starting tomorrow June 12, 2014 through July 13, 2014 at various locations including Manaus where we manufacture battery packs, AC adapters, and WiFi cards!

Brazil will be the focus of the world over the next month … a big moment in history when all of the best football (soccer) players gather to compete to see which country has the best team.

Of course, our Manaus family is ready for the event to begin. The plant is decorated to celebrate this occasion and cheer for the Brazil team! May the best team win!

Top 5 Reasons to Work at Palladium

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We’re looking for highly talented, motivated and dedicated people to fill various positions in engineering, program management, IT and finance at our corporate headquarters in Woodridge, IL .

This made me start to think about why I wanted to grow my career at Palladium Energy.

Over four years ago, based on interaction I had with Palladium through a different company, I was so impressed with the people and growth in the lithium-based battery pack industry that I decided to proactively seek-out job opportunities. At the time, Palladium did not have a formal marketing department. And as the saying goes…timing is everything! They just happened to be looking for a leader to start the first-ever marketing function as they looked to diversify their business mix and grow in key markets. Knowing there would be a ton of opportunity to grow, learn and be challenged with starting and leading a core function, I went after the position they were looking to fill with full-force!

So why work at Palladium? There are five core reasons based on my personal experience and other feedback I received from other Palladium staffers:

1. The People: Work with the best and brightest…in a family-oriented environment. People that care, are passionate and want to make a difference in our industry.

2. Supportive Culture: An environment with great camaraderie, support and plenty of opportunity for fun … all based on our six Core Values—Character, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation, Results and Customers.

3. Learn & Grow: Batteries are a HOT industry … coined by US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to be as “transformative to economy/modern life as the oil & gas boom”. Lots of room to learn, grow and work on power solutions for mission-critical devices that impact lives!

4. Be Challenged: Work in a challenging environment where there is never a dull moment—lots problems to solve and solutions to offer—no matter what functional area you are in (HR, finance, marketing, engineering, sales, operations, etc.).

5. Access to Senior Leaders: We’re a medium-sized, global company (locations in six different countries!) where everyone has exposure to the senior leaders. That means you’ll never be just an Employee ID number!

I feel as passionate about the people at Palladium and industry today as I did over four years ago. If you’re looking for a family-oriented, supportive work environment with a ton of opportunity to grow, learn and be challenged, contact us today. Be sure to check out the job descriptions for the positions we’re looking to fill now.

 --Rebecca Kritzman, director, marketing & communications

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